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  • Chinese Dragon Boat Festival And History Knowledge

    2016.06.09 0 Posted By Awen

    The Dragon Boat Festival (Double Fifth Festival, Duan Wu Festival) is one of the most significant Chinese festivals, and it is the festival with the oldest history. The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 5th day of the fifth lunar month (traditional Chinese calendar), celebrated by performing dragon boat races and eating Zongzi. The most popular legend around the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is about the poet Qu Yuan. Let's learn more about "his" Dragon Boat legend via this infographic:


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  • Helping People outside China to Buy Items from Taobao Online

    2016.06.08 1 Posted By Awen

    China Online Shopping Grown Faster

    HPDragon is one of the best wholesale procurement services, the best Taobao agent that provide excellent services in buying items from Taobao. With real strict policies in buying from China, HPDragon readily offers their services on helping individuals outside of China in shopping high quality Chinese products. HPDragon provides access to the highest quality products of global standards at the cheapest price.

    HPDragonis the best Taobao agent that offers wide range international delivery methods that allow shoppers to easily and conveniently get the items they want. As the cheapest Taobao agent, they can deliver the products by ARMAEX, Airmail Express...

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