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Order Status

all the status will be shown on the page of the order information. By this we hope that you can know the order information better, trace the order status, reassure and finish your shopping. Below is a simple introduction of the order status:
Please Log In The Page Of "My Order" Of Member Center To Check Order Status
Taobao One-Stop Order Status
1.Awaiting Payment
If you have not yet paid the order when you choose to pay online, the status of this order will be “Awaiting Payment”.
●Now you can click “Remarks” and leave a message about your order to the Happy Dragon, for example: if the red one of size M is out of stock please give me the yellow one of size M, or just cancel this order.
●You can cancel the order as long as it is unpaid.

If you have successfully paid your order by Paypal, Credit Card or others ways, please wait patiently, the staff of Happy Dragon will confirm your order within 2 hours(working hours).
●Now you can click “Remarks” and leave a message about your order to Happy Dragon, for example: the customs fee is ten dollars, the classification of this item is cloth.
●You can cancel the order even if it is paid.Order Refund Will Return Back To Your Account Balance

Our staff are processing your order,Purchase From Seller
●You can not delete the items in this status.
●You can not Modify your remarks in this status too.

4.To Be Weight
All the items ordered have been parceled and checked, our staff are calculating the actual weight and size of your parcel.
●The actual weight includes the weight of package material, so no more fee for material will be charged.

5.Make Up Difference
If the actual freight costs more than the expected, you will have to make up the postage.
●For many times, the actual weight is more than the default weight(100g), and the first weight is the default weight, so you don’t need to make up the postage if the actual weight is less than or equals to the default weight. [More>>>]
●The freight of Dhl, Aramex,City-Link and Happy Dragon airline only relates to the actual weight, not need to consider volumetric weight.
●Some items can’t be transported as the way you choose for they are different with the common items, so it will have difference in postage.

6.To Be Mail
This status means that your item are being parceled, during which there will be following operations:
Scanning: your items will be scanned and confirm can be packaged
Out of warehouse: your items will be out of warehouse and labeled with a bar code.
Printing: a manifest will be printed out in order to check your items when received.
Packaging: your items will be placed in a canton boxes or plastic bag to be transported.
●Bills In Two Parts Only Contains Items Details And Consignee Information Of Transportation(Base Of Dropshipper,We Will Not Print Out Any Of Happy Dragon Information And Name,Always To Be Your Hidden Supplier,Please Rest assured Purchase From Us

Your items have been sent out And Being In Transit,please wait patiently.
●Happy Dragon offers parcel tracking service in order to check the current information about your parcel during the delivery.
●It will be different in delivery time due to the Different ways of delivery, so the estimated arriving time is very useful for it is based on the delivery experience of Happy Dragon.

If has been a long time since your parcel was sent out, please click “Received” if you have received your parcel.
●You pay attention to tips for receiving when you receive your parcel.
●You will be rewarded 200 Points after you confirm that you have received your parcel.

The deal has finished, we hope you can satisfy our service.
●Please leave your comments for us with little time, your support is our driving force, thank you.

Instructions for item status:

For there may be more than one items in every order, Happy Dragon will buy them for you from different sellers, so you can check the status of your items in the page of item details by clicking “My Order”.
Taobao Item Status
1.To be purchase
The staff of Happy Dragon are checking whether the items can be bought in two hours.
●As Some Of Item Can Not Purchase Or Transportation, please understand the inconvenience.[More>>>]
●Happy Dragon will inform you to change or cancel the item by website message or email if your items are not approved.

Our staff are contacting the seller to buy the items...
●For a minority of sellers are usually not online, so the order will be delayed when we need to know the storage.
●The order have to be reconfirmed when it lacks of necessary introductions about sizes and colors.

Your items have been bought and waited to be posted.
●Arrival Time Of Same Order is different,because location of seller come from difference province of china,so there is the difference of time

4.With Problem
There will be a reconfirmation after checking when the items are different from what you have bought, such as style, size and color.
●You can apply for return or replace correct one if sellers sent out wrong items

After Items Arrival To HappyDragon Warehouse(Guangzhou) With Inspection,Success Put Into Warehouse Shelf And Prepare Packaging And Weight.

6.To Be Return/Exchange
Your items will Processing To returned or replacement after the consultation with sellers.
●The items need to be expressed back if you want to return or change your items, please wait patiently for the return or replacement.

The items are canceled and can’t be bought.
●Some items may not be bought for lacking of certain sizes or colors, so we suggest that you’d better leave more choices in remarks to make sure you can buy them successfully.
●While Actually Price Of Items Is Different Or Does Not Related Attribute Or Items.Happy Dragon Have To Given Up Purchase.

Your items have been delivered after parceled and checked twice, they are on the way, please wait patiently.
●Usually, we will Fill In the Mini price of your items While Declared value,in order to avoid the import taxes in your customs.