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Member Grade

Member Grade Policy
Member Lever Ordinary Golden (VIP-1) Platinum (VIP-2) Diamond(VIP-3)
Upgrade Condition 0 Integral 5000 10000 20000
Member Discount No Privilege 1% Off 2% Off 3% Off
Birthday Privilege Privilege accept Privilege reject Privilege accept Privilege accept
After-Service 90 Days(Limit $150 Usd) 75 Days(Limit $200 Usd) 75 Days(Limit $200 Usd) 60 Days(Limit $250 Usd)
Object photography No Privilege

Privilege accept
Purchase Consultant No Privilege No Privilege Privilege accept Privilege accept
Bargain Privilege No Privilege No Privilege No Privilege Privilege accept
Remarks 1.Upgrade to be VIP Member Need To Consume Some Points [View My Point] [Know More]

2.Birthday Of VIP Member Submit New Order That Days With Free Service Charge.[Know More]

3.Member Discount Meant When Submit Order,System Will Share With Some Of Discount. [Know More]

4.Happy Dragon Always Seeking To Provide The High Quality Online Shopping Experience With you,If Express Company Loss Your Parcel,We Will Compensate Advanced [Know More]

5.In Order To Received Your Parcel With Satisfaction Quality,Happy Dragon Offer Real Object Photographs Service [Know More]

6.VIP-3 Member Could Enjoy Offering Service With Information consulting, custom Commodity, and small wholesale By Our Professional Purchasing Staff.[Know More]