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Customer Instruction

About the expense

customer state

Introduction:[knowledge of relevant expenses and policy]
Note1. Expense of the item- the first payment for short, including the following:
(1)Cost price of the item: the price you find on TaobaoTmall Or Other online shopping mall in China
(2)Freight cost in China: Freight from the seller to
Happy Dragon’s warehouse.
(3)Service charge: Happy Dragon will collect certain service fee according to the cost price of the item (provisional free of charge
(4)Prepaid international freight: due to the difference of the actual weight, we will charge a first heavy freight according to different method of transporting; you can also revise the prepaid weight in your shopping cart.
(5)The bank handling fee: PayPal, Credit card, ALIPAY, QIWI, webmoney will charge for 1%-4% of the items’ whole price, apart from the T/T and Western-Union
Note 2. International freight: Happy Dragon will package and calculate the actual weight after the good arrived
(1)On condition the actual weight =prepaid weight, the items will be delivered immediately
(2)On condition the actual weight > prepaid weight, customer needs to repay the freight balance and complete the second payment
(3)On condition the actual weight < prepaid weight, the items will be delivered immediately and the extra money will return to your account for your next consumption or withdraw deposit application.
Note3: Insurance expense (selectable): in order to make sure the package will get to you successfully, on condition you have purchased the insurance, you can get a certain amount of compensation of the package lost or got bucked by our customs during the transportation.
● You can use the [cost estimate tool] to predict your procurement cost in advance.

About time

taobao shipping time

(1)The seller sent your purchased items to our warehouse in Guangzhou: The seller will send your purchased items to our warehouse in Guangzhou after the purchasing order been submitted, and it will takes 1-3 working day till the item status shown as “Bought”.
(2) Your purchased items have arrived in our warehouse and undertaking by our personnel: Your purchased items have been received by Happy Dragon and is under inspecting, packaging, weighting, which will take about 1-8 hours, the items status shows as“Arrival Warehouse” at this time.
(3) The order is ready to sent out: The items have been consolidated, your parcel is going to sent out through international Express Method, which would take 5-30 working days, and the items status is “Mailed”during this period.
Note 1:As Part Of Express Transmit From HONG KONG Or Singapore,So It Will Delay 1-2 days Just Showing The Tracking Number,Please Understand

About Service

taobao global service

(1)Procurement and forwarding service :
Generally speaking, procurement service means find others to help you get the items you want, because of the high expense or some items are unavailable in your country. Through the procurement service we offer, We can help you purchase items with good quality and low price in China and then sent all the items to you through express.

Happy Dragon will check whether the size, quantity and style of the item are the same as the one you purchased after receiving the items, however, we are not professional to recognize the quality and identity of the items.

We can only check the appearance and model for the electronic products.

(2)Through Happy Dragon, you can:
●Purchase a majority of the items on the online shopping mall in China
●Very convenient to pay by US $, Dollar A, English Pound and other kinds of currency
●Live update your order status
●We do not offer procurement service for virtual products, such as gift card, games rechargeable card. Because there exists great risks for this kind of items.
(3)Happy Dragon can also offer the following:
●Consulting with the seller to confirm the storage and offer procurement service for you
●Consolidating all your purchased items into one package to reduce the actual weight and save the international freight
●Inspect your purchased items, if there is something wrong(including quantity, size, color or style) with your purchased items, we can exchange or return it as long as the items do not sent out.
●We guarantee you a perfect exchange/return service, if you find any problems which belongs to our inspection duty after receiving the package, you will get a certain amount of compensate.
●180 days warehouse keep for free
●We have our professional service team to answer your question during your procurement.

About the Customs

(1)Happy Dragon guarantee a smoothly customs clearance in China or HONG KONG, if there is any problems happened, we will be in full responsible for that.
(2)country of destination: We will be unable to bear the losses if there is any extra tariff or your items got confiscated, please cooperate with the local customs actively, if you need any help, we will try our best to offer you the relevant certification for a smooth clearance.