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Points & E-Coupon

Point and discount coupon

Point policy
Ways to gain Point
1.Register to become a new member,Present 500 Points
2.Purchase the items and confirm receiving
3.choose the method of remittance as offline payment (1US$=1 Points)
4.Members will gain Point while participate in activities
5.500 Point will be present for evaluation
6.10 Point will be present for everyday signing
Usage of Point 1.Point will helps you upgrade to VIP members [Know More]
2.Point can be used to exchange the discount coupon [Know More]
3.Point lottery
4.Free postage card in China
Validity of Point The Point will be valid till the end of next  year February, and the system will reset the number to zero automatically
Other rules 1.The Point exchanged discount coupon can’t be used in conjunction with other special offer, the particular case should be depend on the activities in Happy Dragon Shopping Mall.
2.The free freight card exchanged by Point can used for only once per order, repeat usage is not allowed.;
3.The Point will come to your account automatically after you confirming the items receiving, and the Point award will be render to your account according to the total value of your procurement.
4.While purchasing the Point exchanged items, the system will deduct the Point automatically, if the Point is insufficient to purchase, please select the items according to your Point or you can choose the items which are not Point exchange one.
5.The right of the above rule’s explanation belongs to Happy Dragon website.
Discount coupons for promotions

(1)Happy Dragon will launch our promotional activities in different period each year to feedback our customer, such as some special festivals like the Christmas, Halloween and New Year.

(2)Happy dragon will inform you the promotion by instation message , email and news, so that you will not lose the discount opportunity.

(3)activate the discount coupon by the promotional code we provide in the page of settlement activate coupon