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Purchase Notice

Happy Dragon can purchase in the following China Online Shopping Mall

Happy Dragon recommend you to pick up your favorite items from the biggest online shopping platform Taobao, TMALL and the wholesale ALIBABA(China Station).
If you have no idea about other shopping mall or can’t find the items you want, please contact with our customer service, we will try our best to help you enjoy your shopping in China.

Happy Dragon can’t provide procurement service for some specific items

Considering there are some illegal situations and a small amount of items are not allowed to transport by air.
Happy Dragon can’t provide the procurement service to purchase animal, plant, large-scale items, virtual items or some items that has gone out of our ability [More...]

Happy Dragon provides you the following service after purchased goods arrived:

We will inspect the size, number, color and style of the items, but we are not professional or capable to analysis the quality of your purchasing items, the quality of your purchased items all depend on its price and your own foresight.
As for electronic products, we can only check the appearance and the model, because we do not have specialized equipment or device for testing
Attention: We can’t guarantee the inner parts and the software you purchasing are exactly the same, you should bear the risks by yourself

Choose high reputation and high evaluation seller

1)Pay attention to the seller’s reputation when purchasing the items; take a look at the seller’s good evaluation, for it is an objective evaluation from other purchaser.
2)If there are many negative comments in the credit evaluation column, be careful, we recommend you find other seller

Sometimes there are differences between the inventory and the displayed items

Taobao and other online shopping mall do not update their date in time sometimes. And a small amount of seller created TAOBAO shop by their own and free from Tao Bao’s charge, which bring the fact that some of the inventories are different from the psychical truth.
Considering all the above situation, in order to make sure your purchasing items arrive in Happy Dragon safely, we recommend:
1)Before you place an order, please contact the customer service to reconfirm with the seller whether the items are available (you can only make inquire during our working time), according to our experience, 70% of the reply will guarantee consistency of the items.
2)When you place an order directly and inform us the items is stock out through your remark, other commodity property purchasing is available (e.g. Color or size) or you can just cancel the order

Rapidly express will be taken when deliver items from the seller to our warehouse

There are 3 kinds of domestic internal transportation in China (surface mail, express delivery, EMS or SF-express), we promise the item will arrive in Happy Dragon’s warehouse within 48 hours as long as the sellers deliver the items.
1)Our purchaser will decide the way to deliver the items according to the seller’s address, by surface mail, EMS or SF-express
For example:
● The seller’s delivery area located in ZHEJIANG province, Happy Dragon will ask the seller use SF-express or EMS, which will greatly speed up the arrival time in remote parts of the country
● If the seller’s delivery address located in GUANGDONG province, Happy Dragon will take the seller’s default express
2)Happy Dragon promise the items will be delivered to our warehouse in Guangzhou within 48 hours as long as the seller delivery the items

Please reconfirm the items information before you submit the order

1)Please reconfirm the item’s function, material and specifications before you submit the order, if there is any special requirement, you can inform us in your remark, we will inspect the items according to your requirement.
2)Notice, some items size might be a little larger or smaller.