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Procurement Service Meaning

Procurement service-ordinary speaking is you can buy goods that you need with the help of others. It happens when you can’t find the goods in your local or the price is higher than other areas. Purchasing goods from China and delivering them to overseas by express is a common way of procurement.

Through Happy Dragon, you can search goods on any Chinese shopping websites. Additionally, you do not need to pay in RMB, but can purchase any goods you need throughout the country via foreign exchange payments, and this is very convenient! check for more details>>

The advantages of procurement:
A.You can select any goods on the Chinese websites.

B.You can use dollars or euros and all kinds of currency for shopping.

C.You can receive your goods in 10 working days.

D.You can achieve perfect replacement and returns security system

E.You can achieve professional service from our Customer Service Team about any problems when you are shopping in Chinese mainland.

Under what conditions they choose procurement?

A.When you are costumed to the products, service or brand of Chinese mainland products, but you can’t buy these goods in your country, you can ask us for help.

B.Professional materials, books (especially books in Chinese). For example, universities or research institutions want to buy some professional books or software, and these cannot be found in your country, but you can find them in Chinese mainland websites.

C.Cutting-edge fashion: you can seize Chinese fashion any time, beautiful clothes, popular music, star poster and so on.

D.Price advantages: Chinese goods are also sold at a lower price because of their cheap labor force and the low cost of production; meanwhile, we design a special shopping way to save money for you.

E.The advantages of the sizes of clothes: the clothes sizes in Europe are always very large, so it is not suitable for eastern body type. But on Chinese mainland websites, you can find the style you like and the suitable size clothes for yourself.

F.Entrust us for purchasing auction goods on Chinese mainland auction sites, such as TaoBao, PaiPai.

G.Entrust us for purchasing presents for Chinese relatives or friends: you only need to provide the names and address of your relatives or friends; we will deliver the goods to your Chinese mainland relatives or friends directly. This service is also applicable to sending present to relatives or friends overseas, but the freight costs should be acknowledged respectively.