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Purchasing Step

  Choose your favorite items on any Shopping website online in China or select the items through the classified catalogue in hpdragon.com.

Step 2. Submit your procurement order(through the shopping website online)
Copy the source link in Taobao and paste it in the blank search box, then click the “Search”button to collect the items you want. You only need to manfully fill in the quantity, select the optional color and size and then add click the button of “Add to the cart shopping” or “ Buy now”, the system will enter into your shopping cart automatically.

Step 3: Forward Payment
  Entering the page of “My Shopping Cart”, choose the items you want to procure this time and submit to the procurement staff, Happy Dragon will deduct the item fee(including the domestic freight fee and the bank handling fee) and the prepaid international freight for 100g items automatically. Happy Dragon will start to procure for you once you complete your payment.

Step 4. Procurement items by Happy Dragon
  The procurement process by Happy Dragon: order receiving by the purchaser> The purchaser buy items from the seller > Items arrived in the warehouse of Happy Dragon > Items inspection by our purchaser
  Note: During the process of procurement by our purchaser, you can query the status of your item in “ my order”, while the status show as “ Warehouse” it means our logistics personnel is weighting your items.

Step 5. Pay the freight difference after the items arrived
  Entering the page of “My order” select the order status of “Make Up Difference” and click the “pay Now” to complete the second payment, and then you can wait till Happy Dragon sent out your packaged parcel.
   Note: Our logistics personnel will weigh the actual weight (including the package material) after receiving your items, if the actual weight is greater than the prepaid weight, you should be complete the balance freight otherwise, the system will return back the money to your account.

 Step 6: After completing the freight difference, the items will be ready to sent out
  You can check your order status in “My account” in the waiting process, while the status shown as “Mailed” you can check the tracking number in “ Transportation” in your order details.
    Note: Please check the official website of the international express if you can’t find the tracking history records.

Step 7. confirmation of parcels receipt
   Please go to “ My order” to click the “ confirm” and evaluate your procurement experience as soon as possible after you receive your package, Happy Dragon will sent you the relevant credits accordingly, and your perfect procurement service has been complete
  The procurement service demonstration:http://www.hpdragon.com/index.php/help/help_demo