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E-Mail/Message Reminder Service

In order to help you keep track on the orders and waybill in time, we would notify you by means of sending message to your message box as well as sending Email to your mailbox.

Once the status of orders or waybill changed, system would send you reminder via message and Email automatically.

Normal order status reminder:
Purchased: the goods have been ordered from seller. Please wait for sellers to deliver to Happy Dragon.
Put In Stocks: the goods are delivered to Happy Dragon successfully.
Shipped: your waybill has been sent. Please note to check.

My orders status reminder:

Internal letter

Put In Stocks


Exception for orders or waybill:

Such as sellers do not have enough goods in stock, incorrect transport way, incorrect receipt information, etc., which are required to further communicate with you and get your

confirmation. In this case, system would automatically notify you using internal letter, message and Email.

*Warm reminder:
1)If you do not receive this kind of Email, please verify your mailbox setting to see if they treat it as spam.
2)It is recommended to adding noreply@hpdragon.com to your mailbox contact list to ensure you are able to receive this kind of Email.