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The first payment

(1)Items expense: The price of the items is the price you see on the online shopping website
taobao original price
(2)China Mainland freight: The freight from seller to our warehouse in Guangzhou will be depended on different freight company:the weight of your purchased items and the distance between the seller and buyer.
●Because some of the seller offer free domestic freight and some of the items might be over-weighted. In order to offer a favorable price for our customers, Happy Dragon set the domestic freight as 1.65 US $.

(3)Service Fee: Price of each particular commodity * the corresponding rate
●The service fee has included in the items Cost
●The service fee is tentatively regard as for free, which means all the items can enjoy a 0% rate. For the specific rate adjustment please pay close attention to the instation message or the news channel

(4)Payment Processing Fee:
●This Fee has Not included the price of the items; While You are paying the order,system will calculate the charge is how much according to different payment method
●If extra international freight is needed, there will be no more handling fee by our system.
(5)Prepaid international freight: Happy Dragon will pay in advance a very international freight.
prepay international shipping cost
●We will adhere to the principle of refund for any overpayment [More...]

(6)Insurance expenses(selectable): according to the aggregate amount of your purchased order * 2% rate
●You can select the insurance expense by your own, if there is any missing for your parcel, you can get a full amount of compensate.

Final payment

(1)Repay the international freight difference: our working staff will calculate the actual weight of your items and the balance freight you need to pay according to the fright you select while (order + packaging material) is greater than the pre-paid international freight.
second payment
●While the order status shown as “Make Up Difference” it means your purchased items have been successfully inspected and entered into our stock.
●After you have paid the balance freight, Happy Dragon will sent out your parcel on the same day (before 5:00 pm), or else your parcel will sent out the next day.
●Parts of the items are limited for transportation and need to change other transport way, the freight expense might be go up. [More...]

For different procurement agent, the comparison and analysis of the freight are as following:

As the examples below:

Item Original Url: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=40687591476
Original Price:29 CNY
Payment Method:Paypal
Shipping Method(U.S.A):EMS
Weight Of Parcel:0.4kg
Whether to purchase the insurance:Yes

Agent Happy Dragon YOYBUY BuyChina PANLISHOP
Item Cost($) 6.13 4.87 5.46 4.79
Domestic Freight($) no service 1.67 1.65 1.65
Payment Process Fee($) 1.39 1.47+0.3/Txn 1.03 1.01+0.3/Txn
Service Fee($) free service fee 5.88(Mini Amount) 0.54 3.07
International Freight($) 21.33 22.18 21.78 24.26
Storage Fee($) no service accept service no service no service
Customs Fee($) no service 1.34 no service no service
Insurance Fee($) 0.56 1.07 no service no service
In Total($) 29.97 38.78 30.46 35.08
remark 1)After comparing with many purchasing agents in Taobao, Happy Dragon is the cheapest in total expense and the lowest freight expense we provide is the lowest as well.
2)YOYBUY needs at least 5.88 US$/Package or (the item’s price + domestic freight)*10%
3)For international freight, Happy Dragon can offer a 50% discount for EMS, other purchasing agent can only offer 40%-45% discount.
4)You can estimate the total amount of your order through"Cost calculator"