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Will my package will be spot checked for tax by the Customs?

To save one’s time and fees, we will take reasonable measures to avoid tax for one’s package, but we will not do customs clearance.

  If one’s package is taxed, one should pay tax one one’s own. But the odds of this situation are quite low.
 The package for civil use is tax-free, while the package for commerce use should be taxed.
How to avoid tax? You can refer to the following three suggestions:
  1、The height of package for civil use and commerce use is the main criterion for the Customs. The odds of a package of over 10 kg seen as a package for commerce use are high, so you should consider the height when you submit an order.
  2、Happy Dragon makes 20 kg as the upper limit. If your package is over 20kg, you can submit orders separately and each order should not be more than 10kg.
  3、One of the criterions for package for commerce use is that the amount of the same goods are too much. Please do not send the same good with a large amount in one package.