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What is the advantage of centralized delivery?

The entire commodity you purchase by procurement service and self-help service will be combined into one parcel, comparing to the separate delivery, you will save a large number of international delivery fee.

Take the delivery fee to US by DHL as example:
  The Charge unit of DHL is 500g, within 500g the freight costs 18.67 US$, every 500 added weight needs only 6 extra Usd.

The weights of your 3 parcel are 640g, 1010g and 1700g, if deliver separately, the freight is as following:
  (18.67+6)+(18.67+6*2)+(18.67+6*3)=92.00 USD

If taking the centralized delivery, the whole weight of your parcel is 640g+1010g+1700g=3350g, and the freight of the merge is mail is:
  18.67+6*6=54.67 Usd。

Total Save : 92-54.67=37.33USD