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What is procurement service?

Procurement service Is usually speaking is the process of asking others to buy the staff they can’t get in their own country or the price in their local place is much higher than other district. The common pattern is helping others to buy staff in China and then deliver abroad through expressage.
Through Happy Dragon ,you can search on any shopping website in China, all the Chinese commodity are in your fingers ,as for the payment, you can pay directly with the foreign exchange without using the RMB, which is absolutely efficient and convenient.

Advantage of using the Happy Dragon
  A.You can choose and purchase all the commodities in China shopping website freely;
  B.You can use the US dollars, Euro and all the other currencies in circulation for payment;
  C.You can receive your overseas purchase products within 10 working days all the soonest;
  D.You can obtain an impeccable changing for refunding guarantee system;
  E.Free inspection cargo, and the inspection responsibility is on the purchasing party.
  F.Combining the various kinds of goods that purchased in different time will reduce the international shipping fee substantially
  G.Deliver the goods abroad by wholesale will make the business much easier
H.Dropshipper service will guarantee the goods be delivered to customer directly by Happy Dragon (promise to obey the inline rule)
Under which circumstance will you choose the procurement service?
  A.If being used to the China mainland’s products, service or have particular reference to a special brand, you can ask us to purchase, on condition the abroad purchasing is unavailable.
  B. Professional date, book (especially the Chinese version) or equipment. For example, some university or scientific research center need to purchase some professional book or software, related marketing information can be searched in China’s website but no purchasing channel can be found abroad.
  C.Cutting-edge fashion: seize the fashion in China mainland, costume, popular music and the star posters, etc.
  D.Noticing the price advantage: Due to the low labor cost, the production cost in China is much lower, so does the selling price; meanwhile, we have designed our customer some unique patters to save money.
  E.Advantage of costume size: The size of foreign clothing is much bigger, which is not suitable for people from oriental, however, the oriental people can buy their favorite style or the suitable size of their own.
  F.Entrust us to purchase auction in China mainland’s auction website, such as Taobao and Tmall.
  G.Entrust us to purchase gift for your mainland’s relatives and friends: you only need to provide your relative’s or friend’s name and their address, we will sent the gift to them directly.

Procurement service :
1. The user makes an order on our website. (No need to fill your delivery address)
2. We will inspect and weight the commodity and all the related information will reserve in the user’s account.
3. The user can choose all the “Delivered” goods and combine them into a package, then fill in the international delivery address and choose the appropriate delivery method according to the weight of the package.
4. The international freight payment, because of the weight of the packaging material, the actual weight of the package will be much greater than the weight of the commodity.