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Why add more Shipping Cost?

1. For all items on hpdragon are from Taobao, in which there is not weight character for each item. Therefore, after you place order(s), you will find the weight and shipping cost of the items from Taobao agent, hpdragon are estimated as follow:

As above picture, that the approximate weight of the lip gloss is 350g which is absolutely wrong, so sometimes you should correct the item's weight before you pay the item as follow pictures:

2.Price changed

Lots of items' price are easily changeable in Taobao caused by Seller's Promotion in some Festival Days or Season Change,hpdragon needs to update Item Database timely. However, price gap between hpdragon and Taobao also appeared after buyer placed orders ,so it is more flexible to notice buyers timely for add or refund money on some orders.

In above conditions, after communicated with the Taobao seller(s) or purchased the item(s) from the Taobao seller(s),hpdragon will get an exact weight of the order(s), and notice Buyers that add more shipping cost caused by Price Gap.

So, hope it is convenient for you to add money on additional international shipping cost for the order(s).