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The meaning of every order status

Brief introduction of the order status
Order Status Illustration of the order status
Awaiting Paymnet Means your order is waiting for the payment
Paid Means you have settled the accounts of your order by online or offline payment method
Processing Means your order is undertaking by our purchasing staff and is under contacting with the seller
To Be Weighted Means your order has arrived in our warehouse and the commodity has successfully put in our storage, waiting to be weighted.
Make Up Difference Means your order has been weighted, but the actual weight is much heavier than the pre-paid weight, more fright fee is required for replacement
To Be Mail Means your order has been cleared, packing is undertaking at this moment and ready for shipment.
Mailed Means your order has delivered to the transport company and the tracking number has been provided
Received Means you have received this parcel and end this perfect China online shopping travel
Evaluated Means you have evaluated our service and award certain Points

If you still do not understand, please check more detailed information on the introduction for order and the commodity status