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What will cause an unsuccessful payment?

1、Unsuccessful payment by PayPal, international credit card or other online payment, might be cause by the following:
  (1)Frequently pay in a short time will probably caused the system can only grasp only one item of the payment information
  (2)Wrong information filling in payment will caused failure withhold by the bank
  (3)The browser will caused failure in payment as well. You can clear the Cookies in the browser and then repay, if it still unavailable, please change another browser and login in to pay again.
  (4)Too many credit card are used in the same IP during a very short time can be regarded as cheat by the banking institutions.
2、Unsuccessful payment by overseas wire transfer, western-union and other offline payment, might be caused by the following reason:
  (1)After your payment, if the related payment information do not submit under the offline transfer page, we will not be able to verify and provide manually recharge.
  (2) If there is any wrong information filling after your payment, we will not be able to verify for you.
  (3) After your payment, if you submit the relevant information to our offline transfer page on Sunday, we will not be able to recharge for your manually in time.