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Customs And Taxes

We promise a smooth customs clearance in China if your items are purchased through Happy Dragon, we will be in full response if there is any customs clearance problems.

However, you should guarantee the items you purchased be classified into the legal import items in your country. Once the items arrived in your country, the express recipients should comply with your local customs policy.We will shoulder no responsibility if the customs in your country collect tariff or confiscate the items. The recipients should be the importers on records and need to abide the local laws and policy.

Therefore, the extra fee such as the import tax which is collected according to different customs policy and different import items is not included in the items fee or freight fee, because those extra fee are uncontrollable and unpredicted.

All these fees are on the purchaser’s duty, therefore, please contact with the local customs about the extra fee before you submit your order.

The parcel arrival time will be influenced by the customs clearance, probably the arrival time will be a little late than we predicted.

There is only a 0.3% tariff probability for the parcels send by Happy Dragon; therefore, usually there is no problem that your parcel goes through the customs. However, on condition your parcel got customs detention, you should pay extra fee to get your parcel.

In order to save your time and customs, we will precede the most suitable tax avoidance for your parcel, but we do not committee your customs clearance.

(1)If your parcel was taxed for spot check by customs, all the expense should undertake by yourself.
(2)How to avoid the tax? You can consider the following suggestions:
* The Parcel weight is a very important judge evidence for civil & commercial use by each customs. The civil use parcels do not need to pay tax while the commercial use parcel need to pay the tax.
* The maximum of the parcel weight is 20kg by Happy Dragon, if your parcel has over 20 kg, you can submit your order separately. We suggest each package do not surpass 10 kg. If the items are in bulk items, you should consider the volume of the parcel weight.
* Too many same items in one parcel will be considered for commercial use, please avoid too many single items in one parcel.
* The tax to European and Canada by Happy Dragon is a little higher than other kinds of transportation method; Parcel delivered by international postal air enjoys a low probability for tax.
* In low customs clearance countries, such as Argentina, the client will ask to pay for taxation.
* The customs is quite strict in Japan; please do not take risk to import counterfeited items to Japan. 80% of the parcel will got confiscated by Japan customs.
* The customs will pay special attention to counterfeited shoes in Italy; Italy customs is the strictest one in Europe customs.
* Once the food or cosmetics been spot checked by customs, it will probably got customs detention and destroyed on the spot. So please be cautious when selecting.

  Warm prompt:
  The probability of taxation for the items send to Europe and Canada will go up remarkably with the increase of value and weight of the items by the local customs policy. Right now, the threshold of tariff by EU is 22 Euro, the threshold tariff by Canada is 20 Canadian dollars, if the value of the parcel has surpassed the threshold of the tariff, and the customs will be collected according to the local standard.
  If the customer received the information that the parcel has been detained, he/she can ask for the loading list, receipt and invoice from our customer service through instation massage or email to coordinate with the customer clearance;
  If the customer has any requirement for declaration, he/she can ask for the declaration information from our customer service through instation massage or email and later proceed the declaration.