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Return policy

Returns policy

Due to the fact that, Happy Dragon is a purchasing agent, neither the seller nor the manufacture, therefore, we reject the returns except the items got damaged or wrong sent. If there is any problem, please contact our custom service within 3 days after you receive the package. Overdue handling is inadmissible.
In order to guarantee the convenience and safety of your shopping, every process has a corresponding standard, including refund and exchange of the items
A.Delivery the wrong items, inferior-quality items or the items got damaged.
On condition the items you received happened to have the above problems, please take photos for both the items and the package, then send the digital photos and the relevant Introduction information to our customer service box as support@hpdragon.com,We will response back as soon as we handle the problems.
B.Items have quality problems
  ● If the quality problems arise after a period time usage, as long as the items still in its guarantee time and you keep the original purchase voucher meanwhile the commodity quality warranty card, you can entrust Happy Dragon to contact with the seller in China for return or exchange.
  ● For items which meet the return/exchange conditions, we will be responsible to deliver your items to the seller in China, and deliver back to you after repairing or exchange. Because of the fact that each individual retailer/manufacture has its particular principle or way to deal with the quality problems, Happy Dragon can’t guarantee to meet all your requirement, but we will try our best to meet your satisfaction.
  ● The procurement service Happy Dragon provides is for free charge; however you need to be responsible for the return freight. Happy Dragon keeps our right to refuse our procurement service for items which are incomplete with the quality conditions.
  ●Happy Dragon is reliable, and we promise 100% exchange/return items within 30 days (from the delivery date till we received your returned items)

We rejected for the item return for the following situation
(1)The item you received is exactly the same as the photos in the shopping mall.
(2)A few centimeters difference for the characters printed on the cloth.
(3)Slight chromatic aberration
(4)Sealing off items, such as software packages, CD, DVD, Cassette, ect.
(5)The items has exchanged or part of the accessory missing.

How long can I receive the refund after the items returned?

If there is no other problem after receiving your return items, we will return your money back to your account within 3 working days.
Please attach the following documents when you sent email to support@hpdragon.com
Picture ( On condition there is any wrong delivery items or the items have got damaged, please provide us very clear pictures with detailed information)
1. The fright bill stick on your package.
delivery label
2.Pictures of Happy Dragon’s invoice.
delivery invoice
3. Picture of the items’barcode
Note1.Please reserve the important receipts in your package, such as the invoice, barcode and fright bill, if there is any other problems, please provide these three receipts.

Note 2: The final delivery time should be in accordance with the real delivery time that the website tracking.