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If Items Are Out Of Stock,How To Do

There are nearly more than 700 milllion of items in Taobao. So that as Taobao biggest agent, hpdragon, have shared Taobao API,  has to manage all the changable items day after day.

In this special condition, we have tried our best to keep the listed items in hpdragon are in stock. However, some of them are still out of stock for one or another reason.

We will deal with the item(s) out of stock as follow:

1. We will find another same or similar one to replace it after you placed your orders in hpdragon.com. If the price of it has changed, we will noticed you and associate with you about the new item. If you agree on the new item as your new order and paid for it, we will ship it out timely.

2. You can waiting for till it is in stock. If it is in stock within one month, we will notice you to pay for it timely.

3. After communicated with Taobao sellers, we are sure that the items will be out of stock beyond one month. and you can not wait for it, you can apply for refund. and we will refund you money within 3 - 7 days.