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What if the recharge does not reach your account?

The recharge might be concentrated in some particular time; there might be some 15-30 minutes delay for some customer. If the recharge didn’t come to your account for over 30 minutes, please contact the customer service in time.

If you use the PayPal for your order payment, but the order status didn’t change, please put forward an counsel through your order specifications and inform your:

PayPal payment account, time of payment, payment amount, PayPal transaction and the user’s name, the financial personnel will recharge your account manually after checking.

If you use the international credit card, but the order show a non-payment status, please confirm whether the payment has succeeded. You can put forward the counsel in your order form and inform your:

Way of Payment, date of payment, amount of payment, the transaction number of the payment page and your user’s name

Currently the third-party payment platform of the credit payment can’t guarantee all the credit cards can charge 100% success.

If you use the offline payment method, eg: Western-union, international remittance, Webmoney, Qiwi wallet, after payment, please submit your payment information on the transfer accounts page, so that our working personnel can handle as soon as possible.