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11.11 Biggest Shopping Carnival

For those who just love to shop online, Nov 11 is the best time of the year because of the huge discounts.
Before Nov 11,you'd better do:
①To make a list of potential purchases of what you want to buy. Then go through it carefully, removing anything you selected on impulse.
②Talk to service staff as early as possible. They may have already decided on a discount policy for Nov 11,which is a good way to avoid the heavy online traffic on the special day.
③Popular items will be in strong demand, so make sure you’re ready to pay with the least number of procedures. It’s best to deposit a reasonable amount of money in your account so that you can pay without going through any lengthy verifications.
④With many products, such as shoes and clothes, it’s better to remark the size or colour and ensure you’re buying the right one.
Now you can go ahead and column your wish list.We are looking forward to that day with you on NOV 11 0:00-24:00(Beijing Time)!  
The following two sites for your reference:
Tmall: https://1111.tmall.com/?spm=a21bo.50862.201867.1.2B35pZ&wh_weex=true&wh_main=true

Taobao: https://huodong.taobao.com/wow/tb-20161111/act/zhuhuichang?spm=a21tg.8229474.1097525179.1.01KmgA

Happy Dragon Also Publish the activity coupon for 5 usd ,10 usd and 20 usd with following code

5 usd coupon: HPD111105 

10 usd coupon: HPD111110

20 usd coupon: HPD111120

Activity is limit order amount above 99 usd ,199 usd and 299 usd .if the order amount is less than 99 usd . can not use this kind of coupon.

thanks for you cooperation and support with long-term